The mission of CTNEAL is to preserve and protect the culture, heritage and legacy of the Cherokee people, while actively participating in the 21th Century.


The vision of CTNEAL is to work side-by-side with all people as we walk in the culture and traditions of the Cherokee People. Our vision includes educational opportunities to teach others the way of the Cherokee, preserving historical sites within Alabama, and imparting the legacy of the Cherokee to our descendants as was handed down to us.


  The Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama, otherwise known as CTNEAL, is a community of American Indians who are dedicated to the preservation of the Cherokee culture, language and traditions, and to the protection of our land, water and natural resources. 

As a citizen of the Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama, 

  • I fully understand that it is my obligation to be a “trustee” of CTNEAL and to do my best to ensure that it is stable by providing my resources and skills to the best of my ability. 
  • I will refrain from discussing the business of CTNEAL with anyone who would not normally be privy to that information; 
  • I will show honor and respect to those individuals who endeavor to teach others about our culture, language and traditions;
  • I will respect and support the decisions made by our duly-elected Officers and Council Representatives;
  • I acknowledge that all decisions must be made for the good of the whole and not for the benefit of one or more individuals;
  • I will study the duties of elected officials and the chain of command, referring complaints to the proper level on that chain;
  • I will bring any issues that I believe will have an adverse effect on the CTNEAL as a whole, or actions which I believe may provide a better quality of life to our citizens, to the attention of my Council Representative or the appropriate Officer;
  • I will make every effort to be present and to vote at Council Meetings and other gatherings to which I am entitled to attend, abstaining from said vote when there is a conflict of interest; 
  • I will follow the rules and regulations as outlined in the CTNEAL Constitution and Ordinances to the best of my ability;
  • I will always work to become more knowledgeable about our culture, language and traditions by participating in CTNEAL activities whenever possible, and by conducting personal research and study as feasible;
  • I acknowledge that all citizens of CTNEAL have the right to be heard; I will listen carefully to their opinions, and then act in the best interest of the Tribe as a whole;
  • I recognize that all authority is vested in the citizens of CTNEAL only when it meets in legal sessions, and that authority to conduct business between these meetings resides with elected officials as outlined in the Constitution and Ordinances;
  • I will always strive to make positive comments and offer only constructive criticism, refraining from making negative comments about CTNEAL to individuals who are not citizens of our Tribe and from actions that will bring embarrassment or shame to CTNEAL; and
  • I recognize that as a citizen of CTNEAL, it is my responsibility to always conduct myself in such a manner that will bring honor to CTNEAL; acknowledging that the Council has the authority to take disciplinary action in accordance with procedures outlined in our Constitution and Ordinances against citizens who are found guilty of injuring the good name of the Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama, disturb its well-being, or hamper its work.

Adopted at the 2013 Annual Meeting held on 6/29/13 at Palisades Park